Date: Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Time: 9-11 am


Event Location: Indoors at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, ON




Contact: Dawn Vince

Phone: 905-529-7030 ext. 210



Walk and explore the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens. Your participation in the walk includes free admission to the reptile rendezvous display. Collect pledges online or call for a pledge form to win great incentive prizes.


Raise $100 - Walk for Alzheimer's T-Shirt
Raise $250 - An awesome pair of knitted Forget Me Not Mittens in our colors.
Raise $500 - Walk for Alzheimer's Hoodie
Raise $1,000 - Get a 2nd hoodie to share
For every $1,000 raised individually your name will be entered in a draw.


Incentive Prizes-3

Event Photos