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2023 Walk for Alzheimer's - London


2023 April


Dear Friends and Family … about 6 weeks  … NEW LOCATION


For the ninth year (13+ years since I noticed that some thing was amiss), we are raising money in support of the Alzheimer Society Southwest Partners by participating in the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer's. We will be walking beginning at 10:15 a.m. on May 27 at MOTHER TERESA CATHOLIC SCHOOL … 1065 Sunningdale Road. If you feel like a walk that day, come and join us and let me know so we can determine a meeting spot. Maezi, Pearl and I will be there and so will many others raising money for the programs that are the lifeline of those with early to mid-stage dementia and their care partner(s) … that’s over 13000 and counting, people in our area alone with dementia’s . Research suggests that stimulation, exercise, diet and social connection play a huge role in delaying the disease's progression. Cooking, exercise, games, The Memory Cafe, Minds in Motion, arts, culture and travel tours are all provided to help.


Howard is just ONE of this dementia number in our region. AlzSWP got us on the best path possible, with all the support needed in the early and middle stages of Howard's illness, and we are just one family in thousands. This week alone, I learned of yet two more friends who have been diagnosed with this illness.


As you know, Howard lives at McCormick Home and we find it very convenient for visiting. Maezi, Pearl and I are ‘most day’ visitors. The illness is relentless in its progression. Howard can hardly walk now and a wheelchair is the next step. He needs two people to support him, so now, the PSW‘s to move him. I can only take him for a walk in a transport chair. Eating independently doesn’t happen, even hit and miss now. He has joined the people who need constant help with eating to get his nutrients. He is eating minced food and still has a great appetite. Although, the beautiful smile is rare now, it is still something I really love and look forward to.


I would like to continue support for the ALZSWP and hope you will help us. You can make a donation to our 'team' ... ALZ PALZ ... the team that Howie named 9 years ago. Your donation will help AlzSWP continue to provide much needed support to the 13000+ and their care partners. Education is key.

My goal this year is $1300 + … just a dollar for every person in our area, affected by this horrendous illness. (Hoping I can go over this amount).


As always, thank you in advance for your kind and generous support. You never know when this silent stealer will affect you or someone you love.



Susan and Howie (if he knew) … for the Isaacs' Family


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