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Here you can find resources to help promote your Walk event and boost your fundraising initiative. Check out how you can make use of social media to support the Walk for Alzheimer's.

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Sample Tweets and Posts for the Walk



 1)  On [date of walk], I'm walking to make memories matter in the Walk for Alzheimer's.
You can help me reach my goal of [goal amount] at: [link to participant page] or join me by registering at!

 2)  I'm walking for [name of person you're walking for] in the Walk for Alzheimer's and hope you'll lend me your support. Make your pledge at [link to participant page].
Funds I raise are invested in support of programs and services that help people with dementia in our community!

 3)  I'm walking for a world without Alzheimer's on [date of walk]. Help me reach my goal of [goal amount] with your donation at: [link to participant page]. All funds raised support the Alzheimer Society.

 4)  We're walking for a world without Alzheimer's, but we can't do it without you! Join me and my team for a great day to support an important cause on [date of walk]!
You can register at: [link to participant page].

 5)  We had a blast walking in the Walk for Alzheimer's on [day of participation]! You can still support me/my team and donate at: [link to participant page].
Every dollar supports Alzheimer Society programs, services and education in our community!



 1)  I'm walking for a world without #Alzheimers in the #walkforalzheimers. Please pledge to support me at: [link address].

 2)  I'm walking in honour of [person you're walking for] in the #walkforalzheimers on [date of walk]. Please pledge your support at: [link address].

 3)  Want to have fun and #makememoriesmatter? Join me in the #walkforalzheimers on [date of walk]. Register at

 4)  Help me #makememoriesmatter! I’m participating in the #walkforalzheimers on [date of walk]. Make your pledge at: [link]

 5)  We had a blast today at the #walkforalzheimers! You can still support this great cause. Donate to my team at: [link to participant page]